Hempvana® Knee Relief 2-Pack

Hempvana® Knee Relief  2-Pack
Hempvana® Knee Relief  2-Pack
Hempvana® Knee Relief  2-Pack
Hempvana® Knee Relief  2-Pack
Hempvana® Knee Relief  2-Pack
Hempvana® Knee Relief  2-Pack
Hempvana® Knee Relief  2-Pack
Hempvana® Knee Relief  2-Pack

Hempvana® Knee Relief 2-Pack

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Isolated image of woman's legs with Knee Relief on one knee; fixing straps around knee


Woven with Hemp Fiber

We take pride in our products. That’s why Hempvana® Knee Relief is woven with hemp fibers. Hemp fibers are pretty amazing. They add extra-durability to our Knee Relief’s fabric while contributing to its lightweight breathability. Fibers from the hemp plant also have moisture-wicking properties, so you can stay cool and comfortable while you wear Hempvana® Knee Relief. Wear during sports or anytime for added support and relief.


  • How Do I Know What Size I Should Buy?

    Hempvana® Knee Relief is available in two sizes: S/M and L/XL. The S/M knee sleeve fits 12-inches to 16-inches around the thigh while the L/XL fits 15-inches to 20-inches around the thigh. To find the measurement of your thigh, measure 5-inches above the center of your knee.

  • What Is The Fiber Content Of Hempvana® Knee Relief?

    Knee sleeve is composed of the following: 56% nylon, 17% polyester, 14% rubber, 7% cotton, 5% hemp, 1% spandex. The band of the sleeve contains 18% nylon, 37% rubber, 45% spandex.

  • Can I Wash Hempvana® Knee Relief?

    Yes, Hempvana® Knee Relief is machine washable in cold water. Always allow to air dry. To maximize the life of your Hempvana® Knee Relief, refrain from tumble drying, dry cleaning, using dryer sheets, or fabric softeners.

  • My Pants Are Fitted. How Does Hempvana® Knee Relief Fit Under My Pants?

    For best results, wear Hempvana® Knee Relief over your fitted pants for maximum comfort.

  • Can I Wear This To While Walking My Dog And Going To The Gym?

    Yes, you can wear Hempvana® Knee Relieve during any activity in which you need extra support and protection to your knee and surrounding tissue.

  • How Many Knee Sleeves Come In The Package?

    Each package contains one (1) knee compression sleeve.

  • Which Knee Does Hempvana® Knee Relief Fit?

    Hempvana® Knee Relief is a universal knee brace fitting both left and right knees.

  • Is It Flexible Enough So I Can Bend My Knees?

    Yes, you’ll find that you’ll be able to bend your knees while still getting the support and protection you need with Hempvana® Knee Relief.

  • Does It Put Pressure On The Top Or Bottom Of The Knee?

    Hempvana® Knee Relief compresses both the top and bottom of the knee for full support.

  • Will Hempvana® Knee Relief Stay In Place Throughout The Day?

    Yes, it should remain in place. You might find that the double straps may loosen slightly with wear. Should this happen, simply readjust the straps.